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Miami, the Magic City, is the ideal destination for corporate outings and conferences, school field trips or group events in general. With charter bus rentals, the journey can be fun and relaxing. We accommodate sporting events, sunny days at the beach and everything in between. Be sure to bring all your devices and extra SD cards and of course your camera with extra batteries. With all the natural beauty in Miami and the surrounding area, you can take photos for hours and come away with hundreds of photos from your Miami charter bus rental tour. Miami known for its beaches and the Atlantic Ocean. It’s all about beaches and Sunshine while visiting key sights or playing on the beach.

Historic Virginia Key Beach Parks are legendary and a great place to go to learn more about the history of the Miami area. Be sure to have a great time visiting the Miami Sea aquarium which offers group discounts for 15 or more guests and a “Swim with the Dolphins” program. Next stop Miami Metro Zoo where you will see exotic birds and animals including the rare white Bengal tiger. Last stop on your Miami charter bus rentals Everglades National Park! You can spend the day bird watching, hiking, biking, the list is endless!

Miami is the hub for international travelers, it’s a thriving place for arts and crafts and offers a diverse ethnic culture, for its international visitors. Great destinations you can take with charter bus travel are viewing the Arts in Public Places across the town. Monument Island home of the popular Flagler Memorial monument is located on the Island it’s worth the stop. Come equipped with walking shoes as you take you group on a walking tour through Miami’s Art Deco Historic District and engage in a historical recount of one of the most expensive renovation construction in US history which turned Miami into a popular tourist resort destination.
Next stop on your charter bus adventure is Coral Castle; a huge castle built by one man in memory of his lover. Carved from handmade tools alone, this amazing landmark awes many tourists and locals.
Sports fans Miami has many popular sports teams including the Miami Dolphins, the Miami Heat, the Miami Hurricanes, and the Florida Marlins. Check you teams schedule and catch a game while you in town. Be sure to check game ticket availability to make sure that your Miami charter bus rental works with game days. Can’t miss out on taste of the Nation Miami is a popular culinary event that may be of interest to your charter bus tour group. Miami Wine and Food Festival is one of many events you and your friends can attend if you are in Miami when it is happening. be sure to schedule your charter bus rental to be in town.

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