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Indianapolis, the capital of Indiana, was a ‘planned city’- a city designed and carefully plotted out before being built. The city now has seven cultural districts- cultural institutions within historically significant neighborhoods unique to the city’s heritage. These include Broad Ripple Village, Canal and White River State Park, Fountain Square, Indiana Avenue, Mass Ave, Wholesale, and Market East. The Indianapolis Cultural Trail officially opened in 2013.  This public-private partnership resulted in 8 miles of urban bike and pedestrian corridors linking six cultural districts with neighborhoods, IUPUI, and every significant arts, cultural, heritage, sports and entertainment venue downtown. Indianapolis is home to dozens of annual festivals and events showcasing local culture. Notable events include the “Month of May” (a series of celebrations leading to the Indianapolis 500), Indiana Black Expo, Indiana State Fair, and Historic Irvington Halloween Festival. Indianapolis is popular stop for Charter Bus trips, with many choices for charter bus companies and different amenities and options. Wheelchair accessible Indianapolis charter buses and vans are available for rent. Complete the form above to see different bus options and pricing estimate.

Of course when most of us think of Indianapolis, we think of Race cars. Indianapolis is home to the Indy 500, an annual race held avery Memorial day. The city is a major center for motorsports. Two auto racing sanctioning bodies are headquartered in the city (INDYCAR and United States Auto Club) along with more than 500 motorsports companies and racing teams. Indianapolis is so well connected with auto racing that it has inspired the name “IndyCar.” Don’t miss out on The Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum, which exhibits an extensive collection of auto racing memorabilia showcasing various motorsports and automotive history. In fact, Indianapolis is host to several world-class museums and art venues. There is also an emerging food scene here, and together the classic eateries, Indianapolis is a must-visit city for foodies. St. Elmo’s Steak House, founded in 1902, is well known for its signature shrimp cocktail and being named by the Travel Channel as the “world’s spiciest food”. IF you would like to see some Charter Bus options and pricing for your next trip to Indianapolis, complete the form above and get your free Indianapolis Charter Bus quote.

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